About Ultra Dive

Ultra Dive Texas is a recreational dive boat charter service operating out of Galveston, Texas or Freeport, Texas. These recreational day trips are run on Saturdays and/or Sundays by Captain Al Manica. Capt. Al is an experienced U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain, Merchant Marine Officer and PADI Dive Master with over 25 years of professional offshore experience. We also run private charters, please contact us for more information.

Safety is our first priority at Ultra Dive Texas and that is why we typically have one or two dive masters on board each trip to assist you. Divers participating in our oil rig or wreck dive trips must have a basic open-water scuba diving certification at minimum. For more information, please contact us by e-mail, text or phone,




Interested in becoming a certified scuba diver? No problem, Ultra Dive also offers beginner or multi level advanced scuba diving classes and certifications. For more information regarding these private classes, please contact us at: 281-469-2846

SCUBA DIVING CLASSES are  temporarily suspended.

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These day trips have a departure time of 10:00 a.m. and we typically return between 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Please be at the boat dock at 9:30 a.m.. Once at the dive site, there will be a pre-dive safety briefing and buddy team selection. No one dives alone on these trips, so if you arrive without a dive buddy, you will have one or more buddys before you ever enter the water. 


Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Bring a light lunch and nonalcoholic drinks. The boat is equipped with both a large cooler and refrigerator for your convenience, so please leave your large coolers at home. In addition, we ask that you please not wear shoes that could mark the boat deck. Light color soled footwear or bare feet are all good options but dark colored or black rubber sole footwear is a big no–no. As a final note, if you are at all concerned that you may get seasick, we suggest that you take an over the counter medication as a precaution.

1. STAY WITH YOUR BUDDY:  Staying with your buddy applies from the time you both enter the water to when you both ascend and get back to the boat. "Stay with your buddy" is known as the first rule of diving because it is the most important. So please stay with your buddy at all times while in the water. If you arrive at the boat without a buddy, a buddy or a buddy group will be assigned to you before you ever enter the water.

2. STAY WITHIN THE RIG STRUCTURE OR WITHIN SIGHT OF THE WRECK WHEN DIVING THESE SITES:  At times a diver may drift away form the dive site and will attempt to swim back while submerged using a compass barring if the structure is no longer visible. Please do not do this because you may unknowingly be travailing in the opposite intended direction due to a current. Therefore, should you lose sight of the structure, immediately make a controlled assent and either get back to the dive boat or to the dive site location while on the surface. Keep in mind that there could be other boaters in these areas which is just another incentive to stay at the dive site for obvious safety reasons.


Ultra Dive has been in the scuba diving charter business since 1995 and we have a flawless safety record. Our first priority is for the health and safety of all our customers. We are aware that one main goal of recreational scuba diving is for you to have a fun experience and we try not to inhibit in achieving this goal with a barrage of regulations. Instead we do require that all divers follow our safety rules which are based on many years of Texas offshore diving experience. We also ask that you follow standard diving safety procedures applicable to the dive site conditions, dive within your comfort zone and have a good time! All divers are expected to act responsibly and follow three primary rules when diving with Ultra Dive. They are:

Safty First at Ultra Dive Texas


Due to the high number of dive charters being run by Ultra Dive, we are now seeking additional local dive masters to supervise our trips. All candidates must be certified by a nationally recognized scuba training organization and have active dive master insurance. For more information regarding payment, etc., please contact Capt. Al by phone or text at: 281-469-2846 or by e-mail at: ultragrp@sbcglobal.net .

We require that all divers have their own personal inflatable "safety sausage". In the event that you should drift away from the boat or dive site. The use of this locating device will make you much more visible to us and or other boaters that may be in the area. The average cost for one of these items is only $25.00 and can be purchased at your local dive shop.

3. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED ON BOARD: This is not a "booze cruise". Consumption of any alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited for the full duration of these diving charters. "Full duration" does include surface intervals and the ride back to the dock.


Another safety precaution we highly recommend is that you become a member of the Diver Alert Network, "DAN". DAN is a scuba diving insurance provider. For as low as $35. per year, you get a host of valuable benefits while supporting DAN's mission of providing emergency medical assistance and promoting diving safety. Please click on the DAN logo above to join today or for more information.