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Oil rigs are great dive sites and are considered to be some of the safest type of Texas Gulf of Mexico diving there is. They are essentially artificial reefs and in many ways are comparable to a natural tropical reef.


Option 1: These massive structures add approximately 2 to 4 acres of hard surface to the water column. They are covered with barnacles, encrusting sponges, bryozoans, and white hydroid or ivory coral and will literally attract thousands of various types of marine life. On rigs located 25 to 30 miles from shore, visibility will typically be 30 to 80 foot. At these locations you can expect to see: large schools of plate sized angel spade fish, red snapper, ling, cobia, barracuda, amber-jacks, groupers, sheep head, king mackerel, dolphins, rays, turtles and occasionally whale sharks to name a few. Per diver price for a two tank dive: $265.

Option 2: Ultra Dive Texas also offers oil rig dives that are within 10 to 15 miles from shore. Some advantages of diving these structures is that travel time to these locations is significantly less and surface intervals are not as long due to the more shallow depth in these areas. Average visibility will be 10 to 25 feet. During these dives you can expect to see an abundance of marine life that habitat in close proximity to the rig, such as: Colorful Damsel and  Blimey fish, small octopi, white coral and sea urchins to name a few.  Copied below is a sampling of photos taken at some of these closer in oil rigs. Per diver price for a two tank dive: $230.

 Texas Liberty Ship Wrecks and reefs that we dive:  

The Freeport Liberty Ship Reef is composed of two Liberty Ships, the William F. Allen and the B.F. Shaw, and one T-2 tanker, the V.A. Fogg (previously named Four Lakes). These ship wrecks are approximately 450 feet in length. These dives are non-penetration type wreck dives.

Other reef diving materials at these sites include: six Rigs-to-Reef structures donated by Cal-Dive International which were positioned in the shape of a star, 300 fly ash blocks donated by Houston Lighting & Power Company and placed near the V.A. Fogg, and a welded pipe structure donated by Conoco and Galveston County. Per diver price for a two tank dive: $310.


Ultra Dive Texas also offers dolphin encounter dives. For more information about the areas that we dive, please call: 281-469-2846

Oil Rig Dives


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