Scientific Research Projects and Search & Recovery 

USS Hatteras Mapping Project:

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Spade fish at The Hatteras
NOAA Archaeologist.
Capt. Al and Archaeologists.
Lowering sonar equipment.
Hatteras Archaeologists at the hub.
Painting rendition of the battle.
"MV Manta" and "MV Carolyn Jane".

Historic USS HATTERAS EXPEDITION, September 2012: 


In addition to running recreational scuba diving trips, Ultra Dive participates in scientific research projects. One such project is the Texas based historical shipwreck mapping project involving The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We are honored to have been chosen as an additional research vessels involved in this ongoing archaeological survey of the civil war shipwreck the USS Hatteras.


Over one hundred and fifty years ago (January 14th 1863), approximately 20 miles off the coast of Galveston, Texas, the Hatteras, an iron-hulled steamship the U.S. Navy converted into a gunboat, was sunk during a battle with the famous Confederate commerce raider CSS Alabama. The battle was one of the skirmishes that saw the key southern port of Galveston change hands twice and remain one of the last bastions of the Confederacy. The new 3-D state of the art sonar map technology used in this project (Blue View) shows never-before seen details of the USS Hatteras, the only Union warship sunk in combat in the Gulf of Mexico during the Civil War.


For more information about the survey and the historic battle, click on the link below.

Other Research Collaborations:

In addition to the Hatteras project, Ultra Dive also offers it's services for other offshore research expeditions. We have been involved with oceanographic, ecological, geological and archaeological research projects conducted by prestigious universities and or institutions of higher learning. NOAA, Philips Petroleum, Shell Oil and the EPA are a few of the organisations that Ultra Dive has teamed up with throughout the years.


One such project ("Signature 1000") was a collaboration with Texas A&M. This project took place in the summer of 2017 and it involved the deployment and retrieval of highly sensitive underwater electronics that collected wave action and tide data off the Galveston, Texas coast.  This date was to be interfaced with relevant seismic date which could potentially provide invaluable life saving information.

Underwater Search and Recovery Services:

Ultra Dive also offers underwater salvage, search & recovery and/or excavation services to the public. Whether you need to find a piece of jewelry that you lost at the local swimming hole, need to recover an outboard or an entire boat that sunk in the Gulf of Mexico, Ultra Dive has the equipment and experienced divers required to do the job. We can also assist you with boat underwater maintenance issues such as: zinc or propeller replacements, underwater hull cleaning, inspections, etc.. In addition, we are experienced in shipwreck site excavation. Providing that all relevant governmental authorizations have been properly obtained, if applicable.